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Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Introduction to the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Tools

Perhaps 90% of the friends - all are friends of the existence of Google Webmaster Tools, here I will try to introduce the Google Webmaster Tools with some functions of the tools that are important and frequently used.

Google Webmaster Tools is a tool and the media used google for two-way communication between the parties, and we as google webmaster.

With Google Webmaster Tools, we can optimize the indexing process.
For example if you ever see a website that has a page in the "means of:

Home -> Category -> Catalog -> Product

Where is the product page does not get the link from the front page, google bot akan certainly very difficult to reach the product page mengcrawl it. Nah disinilah one of the advantages if we use Google Webmaster Tools, especially the tools called "Google Sitemap" and of course if you can also Create a Web Page Being Search Engine Friendly, Function more about "Google Sitemaps" I will explain below:

1. Google Sitemap:
is a sitemap url website contains a list of our

Function is easier to go to google bot and mengcrawl page, the page we have provided the url of the above

As I mentioned earlier on, about "the website has a page in the" google bot will be very difficult entry and mengcrawl product page, because now we have to provide the URL of page on Google Product Sitemap then google bot easily achieve

Component in the Google Sitemap:

loc: content with the URL you
lastmod: date with the latest content, format-th-to-day example bln 2007-10-05
changefreq: changes in frequency content with the ex. always, daily, weekly
priority: set priorities between 0.1 - 1.0

Example: /
1.0 / sitemap /
1.0 / gb /

2. Robots.txt
60% sure you all already know robot.txt
ya .. Robots.txt is a file that contains restrict / regulations that go in to the bot / crawler not to mengindek website or a page or even the whole directory structure of the website, depending restrict it, in Google Webmaster Tools also have its robot validator

3. Link
Link on the menu dapt you see the list of inbound links, internal page, and you can also see how many pages you have in the index by Google

4. Preference Domain
Preference domain prefix is the selection of the domain if you use the "www" or "www tabpa"

menggunakan www

do not use www

Domain Preference very influential in the Search Engine Result Page

5. Crawl Speed
You can specify akan slow or speed frequency google bot comes to your website, if you think google bot too often come and spend the bandwidth, then you can reduce its frequency

Go to google webmaster tools you must have Google Accounts, most other languages you do not have to have a Google Email

This link will go to Google Webmaster tools:

Banya still functions from other functions that Google Webmaster Tools I have not yet explain.
the description of me ... thank

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