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Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

how to create animated favicon on blogger?

how to create animated favicon on blogger Okay, what do I create the view that there is a different icon next to the address bar is usually berlogo a blogger can be changed as we want the image diem aja or images that can change also. And now I want to do is change the favicon in blogger you are, as I have, but yes once again it's up to you what free. Ne most direct course we talk! Yup the first stage is you have to prepare a file berextensi. ICO, How? how can you search in google by entering a free favicon, or you can make that as I have you lived in colors you up to 16 square box that is provided you can select a frame animation and add as many as you want, well after you are tough you the results of the paper is under the preview, and if you have all that good, you live quasi download. ICO you pressing the button download favicon nah now you already have a favicon that interesting, after a favicon to be created you have to do is show the logo. ICO you to a publisher, happy trying.

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