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Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

The Basic Command CMD

Now we will discuss a bit about some of the command in CMD [command prompt] on the windows. Command Prompt is the default windows application that I think is very good for our review. To find out the command-peritah what is in the command prompt please type "help" and will appear immediately with some command that can be used.
Among others:

copy & xcopy

Copy the name as a command to copy the files. Sintaknya "copy [file name with full extensinya] [destination]". For example, I will copy the files on drive D coba.doc, to to the folder on the C drive, folder name eg "newFolder", the first entrance to the D drive through CMD drive by typing the name "D:" (without quotation marks) , then type the command "copy coba.doc C: \ newFolder", the file coba.doc akan newFolder copied to a folder on drive C. In fact we can also copy files without having to go to the D drive with the first note you should know beforehand the location of the folder name and file type you want, such as in examples means that you must type the command "copy D: \ test. doc C: \ newFolder ".

What if we want to copy one folder at a time?
We can also use the regular copy, but the name of the folder does not participate tercopy, which tercopy only content only. Disinilah we can use the command "xcopy". Suppose we want to copy a folder in Drive D: which consists of many sub-folders so we can type the command "xcopy / e [namafolder] [tutujuan drive]." / E "is the command to copy to the subdirectory. There are also other ways if we mencopy want with the simple and quick to use a certain file extensi. For example if I want to copy all the files berekstensi *. txt in the D: drive so I can type the command "xcopy / s *. txt C: \ newFolder", then each file with the *. txt extensi akan tercopy to newFolder folder on drive C.
Unique to the command we can copy this file into a mencopy other files, for example, there are two berextensi *. txt file with the name of a.txt and b.txt, with the copy command I can combine the two files, eg the combined results of the file berextensi c.txt then the command "copy / b a.txt + b.txt = c.txt", the "/ b" means in peritah copy will be made before the copy is also binary. In a written file c.txt akan contents of the file a.txt and b.txt. We can combine any type of file, so it is suitable we use to hide a peting information, for example if I want to send secret messages to my friends, I do not need to use science kryptograpy to do so, I just copykan message to a file in which the may not be suspicious. Try your copykan a *. txt file eg named a.txt in a.txt where there is a message "no bomb" into the *. jpg file berekxtensi eg gambar.jpg name of the file with the command "copy / b a.txt + gambar.jpg = c.jpg "
This command will generate a new file with the name c.jpg, if you open the file then gambar.jpg will open as normal.
Message before the hold where?
If you want to see the message "no bomb" before you right-click on the gambar.jpg earlier and select open with the notepad, it will be visible to gambar.jpg ASCII code, and any posts you have on before the end of the ASCII code.
Many people also use this unutk menyembukan a file into a file for example, put music or video file in *. jpg format. Kompress condition you want the first file is hidden before use WinZip or winrar, and if at any time you want to open the file you must open the *. jpg files before using WinZip or winrar live in the next extract. What you see in the copy files into this file is the order. 1 Suppose the command "copy / b gambar.jpg + = gambarbaru.jpg" 2 and the command "copy / b + gambar.jpg + = gambarbaru.jpg". On the one gambarbaru.jpg akan can open normal and the 2 gambarbaru.jpg will not be able to open.


Attrib utnuk used to replace or provide attributes of a file. Attrib combined with some of them perinta
Provide attributes +
- Remove attributes
S file system attributes
H hidden file attributes
R read-only file attributes
A archiev file attributes

Example I want to give attributes hidden and read-only berextensi all *. txt files on drive D is the command "attrib + h + r *. txt / s", then all files with the extension *. txt akan disembuntikan and read only in the drive D, to return it we only need to change the plus sign becomes a minus. This is very helpful if we want to hide the number of files in a lot at once.


Del is peritah Or to delete a few files. To delete a file, the file can not be hidden tersbut. If there are cases such as yesterday I found a virus sality compatriot mengandakan file *. lnk, *. Inf *. db and all the folders and subfolders, I use the delete command to delete the file at a time, but because the files are hidden so we must first change the attributes file with the command as described above before, then I can delete, quoad command "del *. lnk *. db *. Inf / s" in the command will delete the files according to file extension of our type, "/ s" This means that the command delete also made to all sub folders.

Therefore this simple article. Beneficial initiative for the need ..

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